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Kai Oswald Seidler, born in 1970 in Hamburg, began studying Computer Science at the Technical University in Berlin in 1989 and obtained his Diplom-Informatiker degree in 1999. (equivalent to a Master in Computer Science)
In the 1990s, he set up Germany's largest IRCnet server in Berlin. The server ran as irc.fu-berlin.de.
He and others also managed one of the world's largest anonymous FTP server ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de.
Kai Oswald Seidler and Kay Vogelsang founded Apache Friends and collaborate with XAMPP.
In 2001 he released together with Kay Vogelgesang Apache for Dummies, and later LAMP for Dummies.
In 2006 Oswald published his third book, Das XAMPPP-Handbuch. This masterpiece is published by Addison Wesley.
From 2009 to 2011 he worked at Sun Microsystems/Oracle as Technology Evangelist for Web Tier Products.

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